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Larry Weirather

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Larry Weirather

Fiction based on true stories:

Tell Me the Night, a Cara Mitchell Mystery Romance

Good's Run:  The World's Longest Run (forthcoming)


The China Clipper, Pan American Airways and Popular Culture

Never Outta the Woods:  Logging the Upper Mississippi

Warlord Cowboys in China:  The Fred Barton Story of the World's Greatest Horse Drive

Builders for Battle:  The Blue Collar Story of Contractors Pacific Naval Bases 1935-42 on Clipper Covers

Poetry, translations, short stories:

Mississippi Valley Review, Northwest Poetry, Lyrical Iowa, Trestle Creek Review, Crosscurrents, Envy's Sting, Rocky Mountain Review, Montana English Journal, The Rectangle, Amelia, Tokens, Publications of the Arkansas Philological Association, Soliloquy, Foothills, The Wire Harp, Taurus, Design, The Windmill, Haiku Zasshi Zo, Montana Arts, Poemathon, Random Weirdness, Commonweal, Alkali Flats.


The Popular Culture Review, The Journal of Popular Culture, Studies in Popular Culture, Montana English Journal, The Monitor, Air Mail Northwest, The Jack Knight Air Log, The Bulletin of the Metropolitan Air Post Society, Airpost Journal, Landscape Architecture Quarterly, Aviation History


The Face of Poetry, The New Journalism


Victorian Periodicals Review, The Tiger