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Larry Weirather

In order to prove or disprove Barton's claims, scholarly research needed to be applied.  Thus, Warlord Cowboys in China:  The Fred Barton Story of the World's Greatest Horse Drive includes copious referencing and bibliography, while still remaining an easy read for anyone interested in horses, adventure, the Old West, China, Fort Keogh, Montana history, C.M. Russell, rodeo, warlords, and the 15th Infantry.  Proof is also offered through surviving photographs.

 Since the author's father-in-law served in the last remaining horse unit of the U.S. Army in World War II, fighting in Burma and China, this little known story of cowboys in China had to be told.

There is more to be told.  The author welcomes additional information readers may have.

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ISBN 1442149760, paperback, 2009,                    210 pages, index, endnotes, bibliography