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Larry Weirather

The writing challenge of Tell Me the Night lay in answering the question, "How does one write a believable romance in a bizarre setting, and do it with humor?"  Tell Me the Night is a mystery romance by Cara Mitchell (No, I haven't quite undergone a sex change).  All the good romance author names were already taken  by porn stars, so the book chose Cara. 

As strange as its setting, characters, and circumstances are, the book is based on actual experience.  When I was a college student, a friend told me the story of his summer job of moving a country cemetery in Iowa to make room for a new road.  It was too good of a story not to turn into a novel.

Research sent me to several cemeteries, and permitted me to write about several of my favorite locations--the Midwest, Wyoming and Montana.

This became one of those books where characters write the novel, rather than the author.  I just followed them where they wanted to go.  It was a pleasure to rise each day to see where Noreen, Orion, and his dog wanted to go.  They did not seek trouble, love, mystery, or conflict, but they surely found them, and they found themselves while doing so.